Friday, March 26, 2010

"How come you talk out ya ass but don't have sh*t to say?"

So within a weeks time span I've managed to perform stand up and KILL IT and then perform and get heckled to the point I just walked off the stage. That yin and yang is a mf'er. Having one of the best and worst experiences of your life in the same week can be seriously draining. But ah well... I guess it comes with the territory. I still plan on continuing to perform. And on the bright side of my heckling experience, afterward I was able to come up with some counter-heckling material. Definitely some well needed shit for some one that performs stand up. Shit is like having a gun in the hood. may not be absolutely imperative to have one but you'd be amazed at the respect that you can garner when you do.

To be honest tho I should have been prepared for the negative experience anyway. It wasn't even a comedy club, it was a poetry open mic in a hole in the wall bar. Other than the music which my homey deejayed the vibe was all kinds of terrible. People were carrying on there own side conversations while people were performing. Many of the poems were off the wall (in a bad way). Others in the crowd just looked bored. I didn't feel like performing poetry that day. I had just came off of a great performance on Wednesday. I wanted to get that feeling back. So I figured I'd do comedy and maybe somehow wake the crowd up for the poets or whoever that followed...

So I get on stage and get into my stuff and out the blue this chick is just yelling all kinds of bullshit out. It caught me off guard, because well first I've never experienced that before and second because ol girl was a new member of a poetry troupe I use to belong to...She should know better. I tried to work through it initially, but she kept fucking with my timing. So I just was like "fuck it" and walked off the stage. I had an angry vibe the rest of the night. It took me forever to get back to sleep. I kept thinking of how I should have handled it. How I should have addressed her so that I could continue my stuff in peace.

Ya live and ya learn.


  1. do what some of the comedy greats do...start cracking on her ass. I'm sure she would have shut the hell up after a few clowns from you hahahahha

  2. When everything is coming your way, you are in the wrong lane.............................................

  3. being funny is the hardest thing maynee.