Tuesday, September 29, 2009

...and bow to the midwest

When I moved back to Detroit from Maryland back in 96 one of the first things I noticed was the ridiculous amount of churches in the city. And when I say "ridiculous" I'm not being disrespectful to the religious community. Their is literally like a church on damn near every other block. And to make it even more ridiculous some of the churches that are a block away ARE THE SAME DENOMINATION! What sense does that make?

When I was a child I would think to myself that with all these churches you'd think that Detroit was the most religious place on the planet. That was back when I thought of religion with purely optimistic traits attached to it...when religion to me meant:

- people loving each other
- people caring for each other despite their differences
- people doing the moral thing

Then as I grew up and learned about the history surrounding the actions of many organized religions. I found out that many of the actions carried out contradicted many of the "mission statements" of the organizations.

Today it occured to me that Detroit could possibly be the most religious place in the nation

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What you know about Black Dynamite?

"Black Dynamite is a comedy set in 1973. Basically, a satire of a blaxploitation film. It's supposed to hit theaters nationwide on Oct 16th. Quite frankly some of the funniest stuff I've seen in a long while...and I have only seen the trailers and supporting vids...which are all in this Blog. If you like laughing I advise you check em out.

Start with this one : The Movie Trailer--


The (Unofficial) Movie Review

Friday, September 18, 2009

Why do we do this?

While I was driving the other day, I listened to some random radio program. They were talking to some youngster who was speaking about how he felt bad about cheating on his girlfriend. The radio host as well as others who called in consoled him saying that he's too young and he shouldn't be in a relationship at this point in time. The young man was in his early 20s...

Then it hit me...

A young dude in a relationship who cheats on his girlfriend = too young to be in a relationship

A young girl in a relationship who cheats on her boyfriend = hoe

When do you ever hear people tell a young lady who cheats on her boyfriend that she's too young and probably shouldn't be in a relationship? I would say not often. The only times I've heard a young woman be told she's to young for a relationship is either :

  • to keep her focussed on school
  • or to try to keep her from having sex.

This mentality is how double standards are kept in the stratosphere. Instead of telling young men that they should try to be better men so they might be able to avoid future fidelity problems we tell them they're "too young". This phrase "too young" insinuates that this is normal for young men to carry on this way. It saying this behavior is somewhat acceptable .

Monday, September 7, 2009

--Why there could never be a Female Tool Academy--

So I was watching the show Tool Academy on VH1 and the thought came to me that this show could never work in reverse. Meaning: a bunch of dudes bringing their terrible "tool" girlfriends in order to change them to better women and therefore have more meaningful relationships... It just wouldn't be realistic. This is why.

1. First off women are rarely attracted to men they can walk over in the first place. You've heard it a million times...

"What happened to ol boy? He seemed pretty cool."
"Aw hell naw. I couldn't be with him I'd walk all over him"

The dude could be a diamond in the rough, it doesn't matter. If dude shows weakness women spot it and either take advantage of said weakness or leave the dude alone all together

And if they DO find a man, enter a relationship with him, and take advantage of him...THE MAN HAS NO POWER. Meaning the man can not and I REPEAT CAN NOT demand anything from the woman. Why? Because more than likely the only reason she is with said man is because she can extort him. Therefore there is no cause for change.

2. Pussy = Power, money= power, therefore pussy= money

If a man loses everything he has, he basically becomes worthless to the world.
If a woman loses everything she has, she still has pussy. Therefore she still has the potential to make a come up with very little brain power involved.

3. Dick is too readily available.
As much as it sucks to say... Dick is pretty worthless to chicks. Not useless, but worthless. And what I mean by that is that we've flooded the market with it. Chicks are up to their eyeballs in potential sex...To the point where chicks barely even notice any more. Guys you've seen it...You'll be talkin to some chick talking about she hasn't had sex in forever because she hasn't had the opportunity or whatever...and you personally have seen dudes try to "get on". Shit you could be trying to get on...lol. Even the ugly chicks can get sex whenever they please.

Trust and believe the recession will never affect the amount of dick offered to women...I wish I could say it works the other way around but like I said before...Pussy=money.

4.Like I said in my previous blog, the general consensus about men who show weakness is that it makes them less of a man. That doesn't make for good television. Nobody cares about a man crying unless somebody has died... And even then there is a time limit. Cats will watch that shit and yell at the tv like "Your parents died in a car crash 5 years ago. Man up!" No compassion for the guys.

Compassion for men is equal to the amount of sex there is in the Champagne Room...word to Chris Rock

In fact as far as I can see it, there is only one and I mean ONE way that having a female tool academy could work....


I'm just sayin.

Women have the power

I was thinking about the next blog I was going to write when this revelation came to me...

The more a man outwardly shows weakness (i.e. crying etc.) the more he is thought to be less of a man.


When a woman shows weakness she's never thought to be less of a woman. In fact more often times she's thought to be MORE of a woman because she's showing weakness.

Personally I think thats pretty damn powerful by itself. Another thing that occurred to me is that crying is pretty much never thought to be weak among women. Mainly because among women it expresses a freedom to let loose emotion whenever the feeling arises. But as a man looking on the other side of the fence I see it powerful for the simple fact that when a woman cries or expresses weakness, that is often a power move within itself. I dunno how many times I've been rendered powerless because some woman burst out into tears in front of me. Many times the case is, I haven't even done anything wrong. Some chick just bursts into tears and start shouting demands. Y'all are like emotional terrorists...lol. Real talk. And most of the time you guys get what you want...The shit is kinda cool (as long as I'm not the victim). I'm just saying.