Monday, April 26, 2010

Pulling teeth

Having friends that see their own talents...and pursue them career-wise is a recent phenomenon for me. So the whole concept of people having to beat people over the head in order for them to check out your "talent" is fairly new to me as well. I've always been the type of person that'll give the friend a shot though. If you have a book or a blog, I'll read it. If you do things musically, I'll give it a listen. Etc. It never occurred to me tho that some people would be resistant to checking out your stuff until I personally experienced it. A person told me straight up before they saw anything that they didn't want to see me perform because they don't like to see people fail. Sounds kinda harsh, and more than likely I'm sure it could have been phrased WAY better but I know get the gist of what they were talking about. When people you are close to get into things that require talent it often means that you end up being the first person to have to judge that talent. It's all good if they're good but if they're not sometimes it means you'll be forced to lie to them...or if you're a gangster, telling em straight up tat you're not feeling their stuff. Which can possibly put a strain on ya relationship.

Monday, April 19, 2010


It's wild how things change. How things that were once so solid seem to evaporate into the atmosphere...and vice versa.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I promised and therefore I shall deliver

This set comprises of mostly new jokes but. It went over pretty well. I'm sure once I perform it more it'll clean itself up. But the crowd seemed to like it...Check it out...

Monday, April 5, 2010

grinds my gears

I hate when old folks talk that "good old days" bullshit...Fuck u talkin about??? You didn't have any rights!!! Talking about times were better...smh.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sometimes you just have to be like... "fuck it"

Alright...I finally gathered up the guts to post the vid from that fateful night....The comedy competition.

It was my third time performing in front of a crowd (of non-peers). I was nervous. I was drunk. I said "you know" WAY TOO MANY TIMES...smh @ myself. I messed up some of my big jokes (1:37-4:00). I had a lot on the line...a cash prize of 200 bucks. I lost to somebody I previously didn't even consider to be competition. So after it went down and it didn't go favorably I took it kinda hard... but now I'm a little more comfortable with it because I've gotten better...

**Disclaimer** This comfort could very well leave tomorrow or in an hour...or right after I hit the "publish" button...So check it out while you can.

Anywho... here it is

I still plan on filming and taping myself this wednesday. I should be performing. I spoke to the club today and they said I'm an alternate...Go figure...I call in and am still an alternate.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Now you see you don't

In a few month I've gotten so confident in my stand up skills that I think I'll finally share it with my blog. I called yesterday to get on the local comedy club showcase open mic list...and considering how I've been able to get a walk on spot to the list the past 2 weeks I should be able to get a spot the legitimate way(calling in)...Or at least you would think right?

So in the event that everything goes as planned I'll video tape and post the act on the blog. This time I'll try not to pump fake.

To be continued April 8th....


Also next week:

I get my "lab rat" on at U of M....should be interesting. And on April 10th I celebrate my 28th year on this planet. Should be fun. I'll be sure to blog about both later.

Peace and love ya'll.