Friday, July 2, 2010

Com mo dee

Comedy is fucking awesome. And yes I meant to say "awesome".Like I wish I had gotten into it earlier. I haven't been this excited being creative since I was a little ankle biter drawing (because I never scribbled) on whatever piece of paper I could round up. 20 some odd years later I've been battered and bruised by folks that don't understand the fact that just because we love our jobs doesn't mean we want to do it for next to nothing. Don't get me wrong I still love to create through drawing and what not... but I like a quick turn over. Back in the day in school when I was drawing for myself I'd get love from myself and others who observed it and that was the pay off. Then when I made it an avenue of income shit got real. Come to find out people generally don't care about art. Mainly because in schools when people are taught about art...NO ONE IS EVER TAUGHT HOW MUCH PEOPLE WERE PAID FOR THESE FAMOUS ART WORKS... I mean that and this fuckin starving artist shit thats goin around. Just because it's a cliche don't mean you should contribute to it bastards...Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanywho. I'm back in that innocent phase now. I love performing. I love it that the reward (laughter) is quick. The only downfall is that, unlike with art which getting your fix is only a pen and a random piece of paper away, I need a stage and an audience to do comedy. To better accustom myself to the intricacies of comedy I need a stage, a mic, and an audience. That sucks. My broke ass needs to get my car up and running again. I need to get my stage time up son.