Friday, July 16, 2010

??Objectively biased??

So I'm on facebook when I come across this pic in a friend's photo album.

Come to find out guy a grew up with has different political (opinions/allegiances/etc) than I do. No biggie. It happens. My problem is, shit likes this irks the fuck out of me. Like seriously, after seeing this I debated with myself on whether to even say anything at all. I think by now we should all be familiar with how folks on either side with strong views such as this tend to be. Basically, unmovable in their positions.But I just had to say something...This was what I initially came up with (I'm John)

Pretty straight forward. And I even attempted to be objective...or as objective as a person defending another person can be. But even after all that, the homey (disappointingly) replied in the fashion that (Republicans/conservatives/tea party folks) have been characterized to make.

Smh... I dunno if I'm foolish for even trying or cocky for thinking that I can get everyone to think like me...OR BOTH. Yet I'm always compelled in these situations to say something.


  1. I'm glad you said something. Even if it fell on deaf ears. I just posted a link on my fb page that I saw on another friend's page and it scares the crap out of me. It's basically along the same lines.!/profile.php?id=602532497
    If you can't see it, add me. :( Not happy about that kinda of thing. At all.

  2. 如果成為一支火柴,也要點亮一個短暫的宇宙;如果是一隻烏鴉,也要叫疼閉塞的耳膜。..................................................................

  3. I saw this on tumblr and I am trying to decide if the guy was being "funny" or serious. He often posts sarcastic political banter so I didn't say anything because I am sure he did it for pure laughs. However, anyone who takes it seriously needs their fucking head examined. The only way possible for Obama to prove he ISN'T a Socialist (as far as anyone who thinks like this is concerned) is IF he gets another term.

    I think EVERY President should serve 2 terms ESPECIALLY when the President they supersede previously served 2. History has shown that the first term Presidents that people liked didn't walk into a shitstorm to serve the United States of Government...or they were actually the ones to kick shit up to create a storm for the incoming president.

    Politics...I'll always hate them but as long as their are sheep, someones got to lead them.

  4. so basically every president from now on should serve two

    I feel you politics though. I have a love hate relationship with them. I love being informed, but hate all the various bullshit that gets mixed into it.

  5. were all the people who were in agreeance with dude white? okay let me not take it there...but got damn how many fallacies can we find in that picture class?

    anyways i'm glad you did say something. the way these right winged radical conservatives thing is beyond me. i mean at some point you have to be a human right?

  6. What do they call the people we follow on Friends??

  7. @Asia Yep...they were white. I too was not trying to take it there homey. I went to elementary school and middle school with dude. So I wasn't trying to put dude in THAT box. Keeping it 100...shit would make me sad.

    I feel you on the right wingers. I other than the fact that me and ol boy grew up together I also found myself holding back my liberal tendencies after it occurred to me that left wingers did the same
    thing with Bush...comparing him to Hitler and what not.

    @Citizen Your comment in some what confusing. What are you saying?

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