Monday, September 7, 2009

--Why there could never be a Female Tool Academy--

So I was watching the show Tool Academy on VH1 and the thought came to me that this show could never work in reverse. Meaning: a bunch of dudes bringing their terrible "tool" girlfriends in order to change them to better women and therefore have more meaningful relationships... It just wouldn't be realistic. This is why.

1. First off women are rarely attracted to men they can walk over in the first place. You've heard it a million times...

"What happened to ol boy? He seemed pretty cool."
"Aw hell naw. I couldn't be with him I'd walk all over him"

The dude could be a diamond in the rough, it doesn't matter. If dude shows weakness women spot it and either take advantage of said weakness or leave the dude alone all together

And if they DO find a man, enter a relationship with him, and take advantage of him...THE MAN HAS NO POWER. Meaning the man can not and I REPEAT CAN NOT demand anything from the woman. Why? Because more than likely the only reason she is with said man is because she can extort him. Therefore there is no cause for change.

2. Pussy = Power, money= power, therefore pussy= money

If a man loses everything he has, he basically becomes worthless to the world.
If a woman loses everything she has, she still has pussy. Therefore she still has the potential to make a come up with very little brain power involved.

3. Dick is too readily available.
As much as it sucks to say... Dick is pretty worthless to chicks. Not useless, but worthless. And what I mean by that is that we've flooded the market with it. Chicks are up to their eyeballs in potential sex...To the point where chicks barely even notice any more. Guys you've seen it...You'll be talkin to some chick talking about she hasn't had sex in forever because she hasn't had the opportunity or whatever...and you personally have seen dudes try to "get on". Shit you could be trying to get Even the ugly chicks can get sex whenever they please.

Trust and believe the recession will never affect the amount of dick offered to women...I wish I could say it works the other way around but like I said before...Pussy=money.

4.Like I said in my previous blog, the general consensus about men who show weakness is that it makes them less of a man. That doesn't make for good television. Nobody cares about a man crying unless somebody has died... And even then there is a time limit. Cats will watch that shit and yell at the tv like "Your parents died in a car crash 5 years ago. Man up!" No compassion for the guys.

Compassion for men is equal to the amount of sex there is in the Champagne Room...word to Chris Rock

In fact as far as I can see it, there is only one and I mean ONE way that having a female tool academy could work....


I'm just sayin.


  1. You stupid for that "lesbians!" HILARIOUS!!!! But you are right... besides... as much as dick may be over saturated, there are so many chicks willing to put up with "gahbidge" to have a piece of a man, that men wouldn't be putting up with "tools" for girlfriends. Come on, for real, how many men do you know that are "putting up" with ANYTHING from a chick?

    ... right...

  2. hahaha and they have to be femmes not no butch lesbians neither.

    but yo i will say women do have a lot of untapped power...some women know about it. some women don't...most women don't know the extent of it or how to utilize it. some women embody that shit [example...ERYKAH i really need to go any further into it than her.]

    anyways my fellow women...keep up the good work. ;)

  3. There are all kinds of dudes out there so trust and believe there are some dudes who be getting straight walked over. I've heard some things in my day that would make you question what in the hell is some dude's problems and WHY they stick around for the abuse. Tool Academy can definitely go both ways LOL

    You mean to tell me you've NEVER heard of the guy who let's a chick damage his vehicle, curse him out in public, ignore ALL his phone calls/texts, and STILL be fooling with her? Calling her his girlfriend? fiancee'? hell, even his wife?

    Lately, the media has been publicly castrating ANY man who defends himself against a woman's foolishness so for any man to bring it up makes him look like a whiny ass but it happens...poor guys LOL

  4. @Assertive : I've definitely heard of guys like that. But I've NEVER heard of that dude being able to wheel the chick in on an ultimatum and change that woman. Never. Not even once.

  5. haha.

    i have a theory about ugly chicks ...

  6. Don't be suprise if VH-1 steals pieces from this post and create a show.