Monday, September 7, 2009

Women have the power

I was thinking about the next blog I was going to write when this revelation came to me...

The more a man outwardly shows weakness (i.e. crying etc.) the more he is thought to be less of a man.


When a woman shows weakness she's never thought to be less of a woman. In fact more often times she's thought to be MORE of a woman because she's showing weakness.

Personally I think thats pretty damn powerful by itself. Another thing that occurred to me is that crying is pretty much never thought to be weak among women. Mainly because among women it expresses a freedom to let loose emotion whenever the feeling arises. But as a man looking on the other side of the fence I see it powerful for the simple fact that when a woman cries or expresses weakness, that is often a power move within itself. I dunno how many times I've been rendered powerless because some woman burst out into tears in front of me. Many times the case is, I haven't even done anything wrong. Some chick just bursts into tears and start shouting demands. Y'all are like emotional Real talk. And most of the time you guys get what you want...The shit is kinda cool (as long as I'm not the victim). I'm just saying.

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  1. Unnecessary crying on anyone's behalf is not cool with me. I know women who are THE WORST crybabies EVER because they know the effect it has on men. Personally, I think that's someone taking advantage of a situation they normally wouldn't have the upper hand in. Instead, why not be an adult, instead of reverting to childhood antics?

    Now...sincere tears, I can deal with those. For some people, it takes a lot for you to see them in that vulnerable state so it isn't to be taken lightly. I've had a man cry in front of me before and I didn't view him as some pansy ass nigga because he wasn't the OVERLY emotional type to begin with. It ACTUALLY meant something to see him crying like that...I can deal with that...just being emo about EVERY DAMN THING, I can't. LOL