Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Warriors come out and plaaaaaaaay!!!!

So I was watching a show on the Spike channel (Think Lifetime if it were meant for men) entitled Deadliest Warrior. On the show they basically go through out time and pick 2 different warriors and put them against each other. This is done by getting experts in the particular warrior's fighting style along with the warior's historic weapons and running tests. After the tests are run basically they decide who wins by which one inflicted the most damage. It's a pretty decent show...though I often feel it could be biased and naive at times.

Anywho...The show always concludes with this mock batle between the two warriors. The one I happened to be watching was the Apache Indian VS. The Gladiator. The Apache won and scalped the gladiator...and after he scalped the Gladiator he licked the knife he used.


I mean don't get me wrong. That shit looks pretty cool. But I remember stories of disease ridden Europeans coming to the states. It just had me thinking...

Like could you imagine being the Apache warrior that got a std after doing that shit...

Apache warrior: Baby I swear I ain't been fucking nobody baby...Naw...I got it from licking knives...What you mean that's some buffalo shit??

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