Monday, December 28, 2009

Some people that get close to the fire...get burned

I'm reading this novel by the guy that wrote the novel "Fight Club", called "Snuff". Its about a woman that is trying to beat the number for largest gang bang ever recorded...Yeah I know...WTF???

I actually was attracted to book because the cover kicked ass and I wanted to see who was responsible. By the time I figured it out I was sold on buying the book.

Anyways, the novel has me thinking about porn...even more than usual. As kid growing up watching the scrambled channel, hormones raging, I couldn't help but to think "Damn, I wish this channel would get clear for 30 to 40 minutes". And after that I would think... "Damn, I would really love to be a porn star. Being able to have sex as a job would be the shizneeto bam snip snap sam". Little did I know at the time that my childhood wasn't fucked up enough to fit the requirement to get the job... SMH.

Who'da thunk it? Apparently in order to totally disregard your personal sense of dignity as well as the respect and or livelihood of your friends, family, and associates you'd have to go through something that would blur the lines indefinitely. Talk about fucking up a fantasy.(Don't let that last line make you think for a second that I'm putt off of porn though...because then you'd be lying to yourself.)


  1. ha! i love fightclub. so how's the book so far?

    i guess i never wanted to be a porn star...but i always was fascinated by it...favorite male porn star is definitely justin slayer...and my man put me on to him [hesitantly].

  2. So far the book is pretty interesting. An easy read. It manages to paint an EXTREMELY vivid picture of a porn movie set while simutaneously informing the reader on some trivial facts about the industry...Oh yeah and it's funny...which is pretty much the most important part to me because I don't know if I'd be compelled to read more if all there was to it was a bunch of porn lingo...I'd watch Boogie Nights if I wanted that (great movie by the way).

    lol...there is actually a saying in the book that goes:

    If you ask a beautiful woman what she needs to be in a "blue" movie she'll tell you a million dollars. If you ask a man what he needs he'll tell you to just ask him.