Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Big fat Phonies"

I'm pretty sure my readers know by now that I am a porn fan...

"And if you don't know now you know"-- Christopher Wallace

But one thing I've noticed lately that has kinda dulled the luster of the whole fantasy, is the fact that the audio in many films are recorded AFTER the actual scenes are shot. I'm not even talking about just the really bad ones either. I'm watching the chicks mouths extra closely lately and the moans ain't lining up son. The "oh shits" have like a 5 minute delay. There are periods when I swear I'm watching porn via satellite.

I mean I understand it. I do. I mean they're actual films...meaning there is usually direction (by a director) involved. And nobody want to hear that ish. But damn. Couldn't there be cue cards or some shit to make things more natural???


  1. porno ventriloquist. story of my life.

  2. I've recorded myself to see if the sound was whack. I sound amazing. I don't know why the do the audio in the studio! lmfao.

    and I guess I'm a freak because I LOVE hearing the director like oh that's a great shot.yeah, right there. auh man. TMI thanks for the laugh though