Tuesday, February 16, 2010

" high or special regard "

It always disappoints me to hear someone say that they believe that respect should be earned and not given. That ethically doesn't sit right with me for a number of reasons...

  • Does that mean that you treat every new person in your life with disrespect?
  • What exactly does one have to do to earn respect?
  • And if someone is only going to be in your life a short while why is showing them ya know,MANNERS, a problem?
  • What do you have to lose by treating some random person with respect?
Now if you substitute the word respect for trust, can somewhat understand. Not to say that you should treat people like criminals or anything like that. It just makes more sense for someone to earn trust. Example. I frequent a public computer lab on a nearby college campus and most of the time I use the facility I have my book bag filled with things I deem valuable but are pretty much valueless to others. Anyone who has lived on a college campus for as long as I have knows that unattended bookbags are easy targets. Therefore I always make sure to carry EVERYTHING with me in the case of a quick bathroom break. And if there happens to be an acquaintance around I'll tell them to keep an eye on my stuff til I get back.


  1. Anytime I've said respect needs to be earned, I am referring to more than the usual level of respect you should extend to any human being. Sometimes, it is in reference to people who have acted disrespectfully towards me...in order for us to get back to where I view you as a normal human being, you have to earn my respect. It doesn't mean that person has to jump through any hoops; I just want to see that they are capable of treating people with the same respect that they want. I think that's fair.

    Good POV though because I never really cared how that sounded to people but I see where you're coming from.

  2. I agree!
    I don't make people earn my respect, I was brought up in my life to just give it.
    Ethics. Ya dig?
    Plus, if you show respect it's more likely than not, that you'll automatically get it in return.
    If you show Disrespect than don't be suprised if you recieve it back.
    Good point in callin' this little issue out.