Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sometimes you just have to be like... "fuck it"

Alright...I finally gathered up the guts to post the vid from that fateful night....The comedy competition.

It was my third time performing in front of a crowd (of non-peers). I was nervous. I was drunk. I said "you know" WAY TOO MANY TIMES...smh @ myself. I messed up some of my big jokes (1:37-4:00). I had a lot on the line...a cash prize of 200 bucks. I lost to somebody I previously didn't even consider to be competition. So after it went down and it didn't go favorably I took it kinda hard... but now I'm a little more comfortable with it because I've gotten better...

**Disclaimer** This comfort could very well leave tomorrow or in an hour...or right after I hit the "publish" button...So check it out while you can.

Anywho... here it is

I still plan on filming and taping myself this wednesday. I should be performing. I spoke to the club today and they said I'm an alternate...Go figure...I call in and am still an alternate.

1 comment:

  1. lol I like the hungry robber joke the best.
    Good job on the performance, you can only get
    better w| time!