Monday, April 26, 2010

Pulling teeth

Having friends that see their own talents...and pursue them career-wise is a recent phenomenon for me. So the whole concept of people having to beat people over the head in order for them to check out your "talent" is fairly new to me as well. I've always been the type of person that'll give the friend a shot though. If you have a book or a blog, I'll read it. If you do things musically, I'll give it a listen. Etc. It never occurred to me tho that some people would be resistant to checking out your stuff until I personally experienced it. A person told me straight up before they saw anything that they didn't want to see me perform because they don't like to see people fail. Sounds kinda harsh, and more than likely I'm sure it could have been phrased WAY better but I know get the gist of what they were talking about. When people you are close to get into things that require talent it often means that you end up being the first person to have to judge that talent. It's all good if they're good but if they're not sometimes it means you'll be forced to lie to them...or if you're a gangster, telling em straight up tat you're not feeling their stuff. Which can possibly put a strain on ya relationship.


  1. whoa. yea, bad phrasing indeed. i can SORT of see the point this person was trying to make. it's possibly similar to when you see someone about to do something embarrassing on TV, you may change the channel when you KNOW what's about to happen. Not quite sure, of her intentions, but yea...that'd throw me for a loop as well, regardless of any good intentions.