Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just asking...

Alright I have a question for ya'll...and homey, if you are reading this (you know who you are), this isn't a dis at you, a slight, or anything like that. It's all love. I'm just trying to gain some information so maybe I can be enlightened. Trying to find out whether I'm tripping or not. that I've gotten the disclaimer out there.

Ladies and gents. Let's say, hypothetically speaking, you were dating a person for six months. Nothing official. No titles. But for six months you and another person handled each other in a way that it could possibly turn into something bigger. After that six months it turns out that it didn't work out. No official relationship comes out of it. You both go your separate ways. a little time goes by, and a person you both know asks the person you've been dating for half of a year about the said relationship and they deny anything happened at all. Forget dating...they say they "barely even know you".

Is that insulting to you?
Would you be offended?

I mean, forget about how you would react to the news of this afterward. After pursuing the possibility of a relationship for 6 months, and then someone denying they even know you, like you're a lesser being. Would you feel insulted?


  1. honestly, i would feel beyond insulted. and like it was a big waste of my time. like really, you barely knew me yet we spent all this time together? nonsense!!!


  2. Ummm, hell yea I'd feel and BE insulted. That's foul play right there and kind of childish. You're an adult so I have to assume they are too so they should be grown up enough to acknowledge that SOMETHING was transpiring between the both of you. Regardless of how deep their feelings might have been, to just flat out deny ANYTHING was going on is rude as f*ck and they need to REALLY evaluate how they treat and acknowledge people in their life.

    It's going to take this EXACT same situation happening to them with someone they are "fond" of for them to realize they are hella outta line. That's kinda cold-blooded Jay...sorry dude

  3. call me a softy but im hurt just from reading this....fucked up!

  4. @assertive:lol the story isn't about me. Its about two celebrities a friend of mine and I discussed. She made a comment that went something like...I don't see why a person would get mad at someone after that happening. So basically, I brought it to my blog to see if I had gotten soft by thinking the situation was kinda fucked up...or was the celebrity actually "on some bullshit"

  5. Yeah I would be hurt, insulted and Offernded. That's just wrong.

  6. *wiping brow* glad it wasn't about you LOL