Thursday, May 27, 2010

English??!! Muthafukka Do you speak it?!?!?

Sooo...I'm on facebook reading statuses...when a friend of mine puts up a status asking at what age is it dangerous for women to have children.

A couple responses down a lady responds with a sad story of how she knows that after 35 child bearing becomes dangerous. Basically, someone close to her died. The thing that fucked me up though was the fact that she spelled "buried" as "bearded"... So her close friend at age 35 gave birth, was bearded, and now is gone.

No one had the courage to correct her spelling. So I had to use every moral and ethical cell in my body to hold back from laughing at such a fucked up sentence.

I know...I can be a jerk sometimes.


  1. my favorite was
    a mind is a terrible thing to waist

  2. i also hate it when ppl cannot spell.

  3. I was going to check the box that said 'funny' but then I figured it could be misconstrued as to what I thought was funny hahahahhaa

    Yeah, the nature of the conversation was probably why no one had the heart to correct her. I think if I had known her, I would have asked what she was talking about though LOL

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