Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The study of stupid

I apologize if I've written about this before...because I know I've spoken about it many times.

But It really upsets me that I live in a country (and ultimately a world) that reminisces back on times where oppression was king and thinks this is a heritage worth hanging on to. I'm talking specifically about the confederate flag. You've seen it numerous times. Whenever folks try to be rid of it on a large scale (take it out of state flags etc.). Ignorant folks come out the wood works talking about ya'll trying to take away a piece of my heritage. That's our culture you're tampering with. How folks can't see how absurd this is alludes me.

It came to me the other day that racial oppression is more or less like bullying...times like 1000. Could you imagine if your childhood bullies grew up talking about you see this spitwad...This is apart of my culture...My family has been giving swirlies for generations how dare you take that from us. People would look at them like they were crazy... or at least, I would like to think so... More than likely I'm just giving people too much credit.


  1. a lot of it is ignorance, not that ignorance is an excuse or anything. part of it is definitely this idea that "patriotism" trumps truth and goodness. it's all bullshit i'm sure you know.

    we live in a world that continues to push this idea of a post-racial society meanwhile arizona is taking measures to limit the very freedoms they enjoy and rally around, even go to war for.