Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yo...Peace and love to all my followers...especially if you actually check my blogs out. What I've noticed recently is I've been getting responses in some Asian font and or language. I have no idea what any of it says...but I'd like to. Hopefully it's not spam or something like that. That would be disappointing. I've clicked on the bloggers names connected to the comments but I don't see any pictures nor do I see any blogs on the pages so.....

If anyone has a solution to how I could find out for sure I'd appreciate it.



  1. This was happening to me too, until I posted about it like you just did, then it stopped. I'm pretty sure it's spam.

  2. it's spam; I blocked them and I didn't get it anymore

  3. i love your blog. i even put you on my blogroll :)

  4. Good look on the info ya'll. And I appreciate that Steph. I try to keep up with your blogs as well.