Saturday, January 31, 2009

dare to be different

So I was reading one of my favorite blogs the other day, F.M Phenomenal (also known as Ibn Jasper), and dude was talking about the aftermath of his recent trip to Fashion week in Paris.

Since this event is pretty big, a lot of photos have surfaced. And some cat's are little more closed-minded than others. I won't say I agree with all the outfits that were worn, but I respect the idea of originality enough to keep the clowning to a minimum. Mainly, because it was fashion week (and I'm pretty sure this dress is the "norm"), I respect these cats for what they're out to do (break down walls), and a couple of the fits look kinda fly to me (Ibn's, Bentley's suit, and Don C).

Basically cats were calling them out of there names. You know the usual joints people attach to people that are different...

"You look like a (punk, fag, etc.)"

That shit boggles my mind. For real. I've come to the realization that maybe I will never understand it. It seems like whenever some one or some people try to break ground or deviate from the norm (even in a positive way) there are always a gang of cats who feel compelled to talk shit. And the anoying thing is, like a couple years or so later you can't help but to see a lot of these muh sukkas hoppin on the same bandwagon they were denouncing earlier.



  1. i love taz arnold, he epitomizes fly.
    and screw what people think...wear what you love...those clowns [the haters] probably are mad because their fashion sense has left them with a closet of dingy white tees.

  2. its always easier to hate than to congratulate

    and originality is the catalyst for the most diabolical of hating

  3. nothing irritates me more than someone who is dressed liked they pulled their outfit off a mannequin (read: no originality). trends are set everyday, imitated, and brought back to life over the decades so at any given point (unless you are a white tee and jeans type of guy or baby tee and jeans type of girl), your fashion sense will mimic something someone else did before. people should just wear what they are comfortable in and do it moving. now I won't say I won't laugh at someone who looks like a clown but hey, if that's them, so be it LOL

  4. I had the unfortunate experience ti be out with someone like that last night. A person that jut looks around figuring out who to laugh at next. I can't stand it. Good for you for speaking out about it.

  5. I definitely appreciate the originality...and the only person's outfit I had a problem with (not on this picture) was Taz's choice of (seemingly) leopard print tights, stretch pants...whatever you want to call it. That shit was "Man on Fire" as Hell, but I'm not gonna throw salt. Just not congratulate him...unless I'm making jokes with a friend.