Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slap ya self if You don't know about...


From the cats behind "The Boondocks" comes the KING OF THE HATERS. And no one is safe from his grasp.

Not Obama
Not David Banner
Not Ice Cube
Not even Aaron McGruder

He damn near makes hating an artform. Check him out as he speaks on T-pain.


  1. hahahaha omg [i'm a big ass boondocks fan from them source magazine days]
    anyways tubesteak is the truth...talent+hate=superstar
    mr jones is wonderful.

  2. This is bananas, man. I love The Boondocks since I got access to the strip over the internet. I'm in the deep south, so you know they wouldn't printing them shits in our newspapers. lol. But everything they come out with is hilarious. They had something else on youtube a few months back. I can't remember, but it was crazy funny.