Monday, January 19, 2009

Great heroes throughout history

On this fine MLK day...big up to the king by the way...I'd like to shout out a hero in history that has been recently forgotten. A hero that has helped countless people only to be cast away and forgotten. Such is the fate of a hero I suppose. I'm sure when he did what he did he wasn't thinking about recognition any ways...because this hero is selfless.Of course I'm talking about...
That's right...Lassie. This muh sukka had the disposition of having to follow around the the most retarded white children for at least a good six to seven seasons. Lassie would warn Lil' Timmy's accident proned ass but he would repeated find himself on some retarded damsel in distress type shit. Lil bastid was always falling off or in it off cliffs, in wells, or that one time where he wandered into that house and Timmy got captured by Wild Bill and Lassie had to talk to Hannibal Lector to get him out...What? Ya'll missed that one?? Anyways, Lassie would always find whereever the fuck Timmy's slow ass was and would travel like 50 miles to where ever the lil muh sukkas parents had escaped too...

** Sidenote....why in the hell did they let his lil ass wander of so much. I swear they should've brought Timmy's parents up on charges. Them muh sukkas were str8 tryin to Lacey Peterson his ass on the low.

But yeah Lassie would run off, find their asses, notify friends of the state, find a pick up truck, hot-wire that muhfukka, drive to Home Depot, buy some rope, then drive to where TImmy was. Timmy's grip was fuckin remarkable. Must've been that handicapped strength.

But yeah...big up to Lassie son.