Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hand me my scissors, it's a grand opening

::Curtains Open::

I held out long enough. Like I actually, consciously, resisted the urge to hop on blogger...but here I am. I am still not completely sure my aim. I just recently got into the blog world outside of myspace via:,, the ones on, and dope blogs. Check em all out if you haven't already.

Anywho...the general consensus is that people tend to blog for the purpose (asside from Ye) of launching careers in their respective fields. Which for the most part is writing. I will be the first to let you know that I am not the greatest writer. My structure sucks. I tend to write exactly how I talk. I am pretty nice in other areas of art tho (Fine Arts, Graphic Design, fashion, Illustration, and poetry) So the heart of this blog will be to assist me in launching my business endevours. Luckily for you by business is pleasure (damn that sounded freaky). I meant to say my business in the pleasure of the senses( still sounds freaky but I think you know what I mean.)

::Grand Finale::

But yeah...The demise of Myspace is eminent...So you can also expect the iller elements of my old blogs here as well...i.e. crazy observations and excerpts of life...but I plan on stepping my game up as well. That seems to be the evolution of this blog shit. It started...Damn where did it start??? Anywho Myspace opened up the game and you saw a gang of cats catch on. Some did it for the love and some did it for...shit I dunno I look like Tom Cruise (The dude got powers son!!!)??? But umm...yeah the latter of the folks tended to fall the side lines on some spectator shit...which is all good...Where the eff am I goingwith this??? Oh yeah...evolution...we're all stepping our game up. If you don't grow/change/etc. you's a scientific fact...I read that shit in a book so you know it's true dammit.

With all that said 09 the world is mine...I may loan parts out in 2010 I haven't decided yet...

You've been warned

::Curtains Close::


  1. Blogger just gives you more freedom to do as you please with your writing because your blog isn't attached to "friends" and a profile with Top People on it and all the other bullshit that comes with having a MySpace account. It's just about writing over here and that's what I LOVE THE most!

    I've had my blogger account since 2004 and I NEVER once was accused of writing about anyone in particular over here...on MySpace? I get accusations pretty much every time I hit Post hahahhaa

  2. I never thought of it like that...dope

  3. yeah i've let go and let blog...
    myspace has lost its appeal...i really don't need any more friends just need to build with them more.

    and plus i rather prefer the reading and writing getting into peoples minds...learn something new..discuss something old.

  4. p.s. you got brownie points for the portishead and bilal and onebelo...etc...great music selection.

  5. i initially think that i wanted to use blogger to sell my book, but then it became this little network of people, my blog fam, and sheeeit, i started giving it away?! and my blogs are not even based on anything but how i feel at that moment (although i do try to wait to press "post" until i have something mildly interesting to say--though the uncensored ones would probably be much more popular--i'm not that brave)

    hmmm... good luck? i think i found myself in a blog

  6. by the way--you wrote this january 3rd--uh, wtf, get on ya post game, dayummmm, n#$%^& is thirsty

  7. Asia - Thanks for the brownie points. I figured the list would help me get my juices flowing as well as be good stuff to listen to while you read my stuff.

    Nikki- bad. I just posted something.

  8. Welcome. I'm so glad you're here Jay! *hugs*