Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Now if you've been following my blogs for awhile now, you know already that I'm a pretty accepting dude. I've gone through enough craziness in my life to know that this is a crazy world and that everything isn't always "black and white". Now, I'm no saint (if even such a thing truly exists) but I'm doing pretty good so far.

With that said lemme begin the short story...

So I'm chillin at the crib right and My girl tells me that she's had a very weird day and she wants to tell me about it. And one of the stories is that one of her good male friends from high school just contacted her and told her that he is now a she. She follows up by saying that the cat actually looks pretty as a chick. I think to myself "Yeah right"

I mean we've all heard a story about those cats that has caught a dude slipping and either gotten killed or gotten their ass whupped because of it. Then you see the pic of the dude and you're like how the fuck you couldn't tell son...dude got a jaw line that you could cut a steak with...smh. Shit I know as a youngster I used to watch those Maury shows just to make sure I could tell them muh sukkas apart from the real. For the most part they were pretty easy to spot. On some fucked up Where's Waldo/ back page of Highlights type ish....

One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?
--Mr Hooper (Sesame Street)

Wait a minute muh sukka it looks like you put on ya makeup with a shotgun...MAN!!!!

Nah nigga... I've seen more authentic looking breasts in a bucket of KFC...MAN!!!!

You ain't fooling nobody son...Looking like you got a hand transplant from Barry Bonds. Ya job just called they're tired of replacing keyboards your ass is fired...MAN!!!!

Any who... fast foward back to the day in question. She says dude is pretty as a chick. I pay it no mind. Then she pulls up the cats page on Facebook and shows me. I instinctually search for a mannish characteristic and...

I didn't see one.
The shit scared the shit out of me.

Some muhsukkas need to start wearing signs or something.

The end...smh.


  1. I promise your comment posting box is like myspace...just eats damn comments ALL THE DAMN TIME! I hate your comment box...

    luckily my comment was short enought to remember...it's hard out here for a man whore just trying to beat up some guts, huh?

  2. Yeah man, these days it IS hard to tell. I think the voice is still a give away though. There was this transgendered character on "Dirty Sexy Money" that looked like a model. Her voice was still on the deeper side though, it didn't quite sound "womanly". Whatever that is lol.

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  4. @ Assertive Wit: Damn son...I bet you won't punch my comment box in the mouth...I bet you won't talk about my comment box's momma!


    @ DLG: Its a damn shame when it's not enough to just have a vagina. Now muh sukkas have to James Bond niggas...

    "Ummm yeah...I'm gonna need 2 blood tests...some pictures from infancy to the teenage years...ya social security number...Gotta know have you ever seen Sex and the City?...Do you think Plies is a good rapper?....etc...etc..."

  5. I watched the Real World instantly where they have a transgender. As soon as I heard her voice.. I detected she was a man. It's hard to tell by pictures though, cuz it could've been photoshopped or certain things blurred. But even if all else fails from sight... check for sound. If they sound nasally when they talk or like they're speaking from their nose (kinda like a high pitched Muppet character or kinda like Michael Jackson)... it's a possibility it's a man. I still question if Chyna the Wrestler used to be a man. lol.

  6. LMAO I actually have a post similar to this coming soon. Called my business partner's office to find out that one of the employees is now a she. Thought I was pretty liberal til I felt myself being uncomfortable when having to refer to him as a she. Womp.

  7. lol you referenced HIGHLIGHTS!! My dude...

    But uh yeah...that shit is scary as Hell and I haven't even seen an authentic yet...and don't want to. One more reason to just stay in the relationship I'm in...LMAO

  8. @ Phella : Damn son after that comment I may have to reconsider my old crush on Rosie Perez...DAMN DAMN DAAAAAAAAMN!!!!!

    @ Luvvie : Your blog title sounds like an episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia".

    @ One Man Gang : My mind is filled with obscure media references son.