Saturday, March 7, 2009

Facebook is playin me on the picture tip....

So here are some of the goodies I've found through various websites...Things I either want or find interesting...

A brass knuckle chair...I think this would go into the same category as the one ya Grandma had back in the day...that furniture that no one actually sits in.

I don't even like Congnac. I just thought the bottle looked dope and that it was crazy that it costs 1 million wham whams.

For those cats that have to stunt even when their lives are in

This is dope. I'd have one of these at my in crib bar.

Can I have my stapler (C) Office Space...I might blow up an office too if somebody stole this joint from me.

It's a pipe toilet. I don't think I'd like this in my crib. But I think it looks interesting.

A round pool table...hmmm...I wonder if this makes the game easier or harder???

This is an Ipod dock...I don't even own one...but I would get one for this.

This is a table/weight of the most practical things I've ever seen...or maybe not...You'd have to Frebreeze the hell out of that joint...and the living room would probably smell like butt after you'd finish.

A dream of mine to have one of these in the crib. I'd be really redundant and have it right outside my basketball

This is dope
This is doper

One of the freshest fooseball tables I've seen. The wood and steal blend perfectly together.

I'd pour alcohol into it and then real corny like...ask people if they want

A watch table...FRESH!!!!

Its a coffee table that plays cds and mp3s

A "chopper chair"...looks a little kinky.

The kid in me loves this. I'd be the cat with this in the backyard and NO KIDS

An extremely live pool table. I think it would've been liver if they made it all metal though.

The dopest knife block I've ever seen


  1. this entire post was dope...I really liked the art hanging over the circular pool table though...

    Niggas can keep those pipe seats (II)!

  2. The pieces above the table were by Justin Bua. Dude is that guy.

  3. This stuff is really cool! There are some things I think I want now, like a round pool table.

  4. you don't have an ipod??????


  5. GET AN I-POD! Entire post is dope but that knife block is straight up the shit!