Thursday, March 5, 2009

A very special shout out to...

My girls period.

"My nigga" (said like Denzel in Training Day)

Just Cause I love my nigga
[You] shed blood for [me] nigga
Let a nigga holla "Where my nigga?"
[Every month] all I wanna HEAR
is "Right here my nigga."

ARF!!! ARF!!! ARF!!!

Ladies you just don't know. As much as it sucks to actually have us the news of another period is like a warm hug from ma dukes.

Aww... sooooo... comforting!!!

Me: So you're saying I can continue to spend my extra dough on beer,kicks, and t-shirts!!! Good looking out!!!**Daps her up...glances at a pic of his male cousins (all of which are fathers), laughs to myself (but not too not to offend the baby gods), grabs a beer, and sits Indian style in front of the tele to watch cartoons.**


  1. you are a fool for this...hahahaha

  2. From the mouth (or fingers) of someone who missed that red punctuation mark for over 2 years i wholeheartedly concur.
    sigh what is the meaning of extra money again?

  3. all the barfing I been doing, I wish that red dot was here...LOL