Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Going Hard for graphic design...

Tattoo magazines usually feature a lot of tattoos - as you’d expect. But where do you go from there? Tare Lugnt, a swedish magazine, have gone beyond the call of duty by making their third issue a tattoo. It’s a little extreme, to say the least, but it is an eye catching way of making a magazine. No word yet on what they’ll do for issue four. (Source:

Here is a video of the tattoo artist at work...

That's right folks...they actually tattooed the text of their issue on a human being.


  1. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of it being a magazine? Everybody, hell MOST PEOPLE, will not have access to that individual to read the "magazine". Publicity stunt to gain interest for the magazine I guess.

  2. My bad for not clearifying...they tatted the literature on his body then took pictures of it and put it in the magazine

  3. Ohhhhhh lol. Still extreme, but makes more sense than what I thought at first.

  4. That's actually kinda cool.
    Except that dude's body is now a random time capsule of articles.

  5. I agree. Too extreme & I usually love tattoo art... just don't see it on me. LOL