Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just desserts

So, last Friday me and the cousin went out and participated in our yearly ritual. That ritual you ask... Every superhero flick that comes out in the theater, we go see on the first day. No matter what. It's been that way since "the days of Underoos"--Biggie.

I kinda played him out with the Dark Knight (I took my girl to see it first because he had to watch his kids on opening day...and ended up seeing it with him like after I had already seen it twice.). He's been giving me the guilt trip about ever since so I promised that I'd see Watchmen with him first like we usually do.

Anyways...So the day in question, cuzo decides to go see it early because he sensed a crowd. After all, Watchmen has had some of the best PR a movie has gotten in a grip. And after "Dark Knight" people are hungry to see another mature super hero flick.So we go in and sit down and right after us a couple and their 3 Adolescent ass kids sit right in front of us. So I'm like "FUCK! Don't these muh sukkas know this is an R movie!" Not really thinking it from a point of being responsible as much as thinking I don't want these lil muh sukkas to fuck up the movie for me. So to avoid that hassle cuzo and I go to the other side...And I dunno if we stepped on a trigger for a trap door or somthing but as soon as we sat down the theater turned into a damned day care center. I'm talking at least a good 15-20 kids all under 8 years of age.

Kids running down the aisles
Standing up in seats
Eating popcorn next to a megaphone and ish.

A pair of em sat right behind me and didn't quite get the concept of whispering. Lil muh sukkas just because you speak extra breathy doesn't make it a whisper!!! You would think dudes vocal chords were hooked up to some Rockford Fosgate 8x9s. I'm in the D though...and the fact that they were brought up in R rated flick in the first place probably means that the parents ain't got it together their damn selves...So instead of voicing my opinions I shoot em a look every now and then. Trying to tell them to "shut the hell" up through the power of telekenesis and ish.

So as the movie progress it becomes EXTREMELY obvious that Watchmen is FAR from a movie for kids. And boy did I get a kick out of. There is like a 5 minute sex scene in the flick. Just coincidently the noisy kids behind me got silent as fuck when it started going down. In fact all the kids got pretty silent. One of the kids running up in the aisles stopped mid stride. A child on the other side asked loudly "What are they doing?" And me...I laughed...LOUDLY... the entire time. Basically, my middle finger to all those parents who take their kids out to R rated flicks and eff it up for the rest of us. That's what y'all get.

As for the cats wondering how the movie is. Here's what I have to say...
  • It's not the traditional superhero if you're expecting that...chances are you'll be disappointed.
  • It's an extremely dark movie
  • It's long (almost 3 hours)
  • It's an experience: very lush visuals, it comes off more like a book than a movie
  • A pretty nice soundtrack.
  • I liked it.


  1. I have to agree with all the points that you made. It's not traditional. My bf hadn't read the graphic novel and he said it was pretty good, but I think I prepared him for it. I was always talking to him about it lol.

    As far as the kids... wowwwwwwwww. We didn't see any kids when we went, but we did go like at 10:35, so that would've been real late. I don't know why ppl would take kids to see a film that's "R" without checking it out first. I hear you on the sex and nudity but that violence had to scar them too lol.

  2. Hmm. That sounds like something I'd wanna look out for. I love dark movies & after a friend of mine got me hooked on Sin City & another graphic novel (can't remember the name.) I'm curious to see what the Watchmen are all about.

    It's pathetic that these parents are so unaware of what they have their kids watching. Or maybe they were... but that's even worst.

  3. lmao at the thought of parents taking their kids to see this movie. OMG that was sooooo not the kid flick!

    Dr. Manhattan could DEFINITELY get it!