Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why am I considering this?


One man’s misfortune can be your gain. For $1 Million (or best offer) this eBay seller will let you punch him in the face! The poor schmuck posted the listing as an attempt at making some quick cash in our current bearish economy, making the out-of-work New York banker who wore the “hire me” sandwich board look almost-respectable in comparison. From the human punching bag’s eBay listing, here’s more information:

  • “I will travel to winning bidders location so he/she may punch me in the face
  • You can punch me either bare knuckled or with regulation Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts glove
  • I will stand perfectly still while you deliver the punch and will only wear a mouth piece for protection
  • If requested, I will do my best to accomodate the winning bidder by verbally insulting them, wearing offensive clothing, wearing ‘look-a-like’ masks, etc…
  • I will sign a full wavier obsolving the puncher from any damages the punch may incur upon me.”


Wow...if I hear that dude actually gets a mill I BS you not...I'm hitting up Ebay with the


  1. Damn. I need to start getting on Ebay more often. LOL

  2. This was really cool.

  3. Not if I beat you to it!

    A mil for a punch? I just might 'woman' up for that one...