Monday, January 11, 2010

F'd up trivial fact of the day...

Hitler invented the blow up doll.

During WWII Hitler wanted his soldiers to be able to have their needs met without getting involved with foreign women and messing up their so-called "purity". So... he ordered plastic bodied females be created for them. Blonde hair, white skin, large breasts and lips,and oh yeah...a plastic vagina.

You don't believe me...look it up. Just when you thought those damn things couldn't be any creepier, ya find out they were brainchild of quite possibly the most evil dude of the 20th century.


  1. i love your blog cuz i always learn something or learn to think of something differently.

  2. ew. lol
    i learned soething new and disturbing :) lol

  3. Wow. This is so interesting. Now how to share it without being creepy?

  4. ^There's no way to share it w/o being creepy...unless you're with someone who's about to buy one. By then though, the creepiness lines have been all types of crossed.