Sunday, January 3, 2010

I gave you power

I'm a firm believer in this concept...

If enough people believe in something then it is reality

Every year parents around this planet tell their little children that on the night of December 24th Santa Claus flies from the North Pole from delivering toys to all the good little girls and boys... As we all grow to be adults eventually we come to realize that there was no fat white dude delivering those toys. It was our parents busting their asses to bring us happiness all along.

Now if you are one of those people who always think of everything in the most literal sense...then no Santa Claus doesn't exist. I on the other hand choose to differ. Santa Claus is indeed real.

Santa Claus is an institution. Every year people make billions of dollars off of his likeness and off his story. People go broke keeping the fantasy alive. Santa Claus is a driving force in our economy.

Remember : Money = Power

With that said, one whom dwells in reality must remember that we gave this fictional entity this power. We did. And if tomorrow we were all unified in denouncing this fictional entity then it would cease to exist and have power.

What am I aiming at?

I watched the "On to the Next One" video on NYE and though I was quite inebriated at the time I was like "Wow..that's a pretty dope video. On some avant garde type ish". Then the following day I'm making my rounds on the net and I see like a gang of folks losing their minds over this shit. On some... blah blah blah Jay-z worships the devil...blah blah blah Jay-z is a mason...blah blah blah blah Jay-z is apart of the illuminati. I then proceeded to revisit the video myself. And to be honest the visuals do appear to be cued by what he's saying in the song. One example of this is when he says " I used to drink crystal" they show 3 bottles of milk heavily shadowed...symbolizing a black presence on a white entity perhaps (3 being a reoccurring theme in the video to play up the Blueprint 3). He then says "but them niggas racist" and the visuals show the milk lit up revealing its whiteness.

So I'd probably be slightly naive if I were to say that the video didn't seem to be somewhat symbolic. But who's to say what any of that shit means? Many Christians are up in arms because they say that the horned skull is demonic and that the rosary between the 2 bullets is disrespectful to the which I say...who the hell said what represents the devil in the first place? When the Bible speaks on the Devils appearance in the Bible (and talk about it in animalistic sense) they either refer to him looking like a serpent or a dragon. There is no mention of a long horned cow so where is this symbolism coming from? And as far as the rosary between the 2 bullets is concerned... How is that disrespectful? Seriously. First and foremost I'm almost positive that a good majority of the folks freaking out didn't even realize it was a rosary (a religious tool specific to Catholics). This one puzzles me. Maybe one of you can help me out because I'm honestly clueless as to why someone would be offended by this. Is it that bullets are so close to the cross? What if he swapped out the bullets for bananas or liquor bottles or paint brushes...would it still be offensive? If you want to be offended, then probably so.

I'm not gonna pretend I have all the answers. When I write blogs like these it's usually in search of a deeper understanding.

I do know one thing for sure this is nothing new to me.


  1. People who are easily led will believe anything. As for that saying you posted, any person can make ANYTHING a belief, as long as THEY have faith that it's them. Doesn't make it a reality, which involves FACTS. My parents never pumped my head full of Santa so he's ALWAYS been a fraud to me. As for the media hype, bloggers, and sheeple who are intent on associating the occult w/Jigga, I think it's a bunch of bullshit. I don't discuss that topic w/people who can only support their argument w/youtube videos and blogs. That information isn't supported by any substantial facts therefore, it's all rumor and paranoid speculation. Until there is verifiable proof presented, it's about as real to me as those WMD's Bush said existed. LOL