Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prince isn't gangsta

It was my Junior year in college. I in my dorm room was doing my daily ritual of glancing at the social network of the time and listening to music when...BANG!!! This grown ass man who resembled Angry Man from Martin kicked open the door and then walked in a very creepy fashion.

Dude looks at me and asks me if I'm (my room mates name). I tell him no. He tells me to tell my room mate that he's looking for him and walks back out leaving me with a wtf expression grooved into my face.

Turned out that my room mate at the time apparently had fucked and fucked over thee wrong chick. Once I informed him of what had transpired he proceeded to get ghost(or so I thought). So I'm excited to have the room to myself, but my nerves are still a lil bad from fuckin Black Snake Moan

....Kool Aid Manning his way through my damn door. So I started playing laid back music to chill out with.

About 5 or 6 hours pass. It's late. I'm in the bed about to go to sleep with Prince greatest hits playing in my radio. When out the blue my roommates older brother walks in the damn room...Armed. I guess my room mate got a lil shook and called his bro just in case Lando Calrissian made a return.

So I'm in my bed and he's on the other side of the room on some Malcolm X shit...

with Prince still playing in the background. Eventually the whole 2 men in a dark room with Prince on got so awkward I ended up having to put something else on more appropriate. I didn't get much sleep that night.

The end