Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reach for it

Relationships are work... Like an actual job. Like you put in serious hours, have good and bad times, and you get paid whatever you deem to be valuable [out of the relationship]...and if you're not getting might wanna keep looking. Real Talk. But you also should make yourself knowledgeable enough [about relationships] to know if its wise to go. Meaning: there is no point in running for the hills if you'll just go through the same thing in any relationship that you would get into in the future. Realistically you should expect...some bullshit. That's just life. If you're living you're gonna go through bullshit, so naturally when you hop into the sub-folder of life that is a relationship...there will be traces of bullshit in there. Don't get mad either...because chances are you're responsible for a fraction of it...I could go on and on with this metaphor.

Contrary to this blogs somber feel I'm actually super content in my own relationship. I've hit my stride.

Big up to couples with long-term successful relationships. And to all my single folks don't be afraid to try...or not try...


  1. well put. there's some days when there is a discordance. but the good, the fabulous, the magical moments should out weight that. :)

  2. The Sub Folder of Life. Great Word Play.