Friday, January 15, 2010

Random thought...Somehow I got to thinking about the evolution of black hair...and how basically up to the civil rights movement both black men and women did the straight hair thing commonly. Afterward dudes pretty much abandoned the straight hair look...give or take a 5 or six years of jheri curls and did he natural thing.

Now the guy in me that likes rooting for the home team would like to think that guys just held on to those lessons longer than our female counterparts...but I'd be (for the most part) wrong. Because when it comes down to it... most dudes don't do shit unless it makes them look good in the eyes of women.

So my theory is that women (again..." for the most part") just weren't having that cats went in another direction.

I haven't the slightest clue what that means for black women. I'm pretty sure that women have different motivations so the rules are different.

Again folks...this post is not to say one texture is better than momma has straight grandma...and I love them all dearly. This blog comes as most of my blogs obtain understanding. I just got to thinking about black peoples hair history and realized that not too long ago (about 40-50 years ago)black guys were rocking "the Fonz" hair cuts.


  1. the fonz just made me think of brother malcolm.

    as far as women are concerned, i can only speak for myself and from the experiences i've had with other women, so i will say that often times, we as women all have differing motivations for doing the shit we do. some of us do it because we like the way it looks, while others do it because we are looking to attract the opposite/same sex depending on how she rolls.

    i mean i prefer the natural look on women myself, but as someone who doesn't have to fight my hair and the million and one perceptions that come with it, i don't feel it's my place to say what kind of hair women should rock. do you mama.

  2. That's pretty much my view as well..."Do you mama"...but The blog as a whole was mainly meant to figure out the evolution of us more than anything else.