Saturday, April 11, 2009

3 stacks said it best

Took a shower kinda sour cause my favorite
group ain't comin with it
But I'm witcha you cause you probably goin through it anyway
But anyhow when in doubt went on out and bought it
Cause I thought it would be jammin
but examine all the flawsky-wawsky
Awfully, it's sad and it's costly, but that's all she wrote
And I hope I never have to float in that boat
Up shit creek it's weak is the last quote
--Andre 3000 ("Rosa Parks")

Well this is how I sum up my thoughts on the most recent Jadakiss effort.
After years of burning his joints without any intention of buying
and ending up with dope ish...

I went out and copped his most recent album,
popped it in and my radio regurgitated it
like it was a vodka and milk smoothie...smh


  1. I already learned. Al Queda Jada is never coming out with a good album. All 3 have been basura. I was so hype when the 1st one was dropping. I swear I was the 1st person at the store, had my Discman ready and all that. Got back on the train and popped it in...I've never been more disappointed in my life. Hurt my little feelings.

  2. I don't understand what the problem is...he has flows. Why can't he make a solid album???