Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm happy that I am able to see my different characteristics and I'm able to see where they come from...

My pops is a very smart man...but some of the ways he tries o get his points across have been a lil nutty. For instance I remember back when I was like 7 years old, like the average kid when I got hungry I didn't wait til my parents felt it was time to feed me...I'd just go up to one of em and say in the winiest voice ever (the winier the hungrier)..."(Mom/Dad) I'm huuuuuuungry." I guess my dad thought he'd fix me one day. I went up to him to tell him I was hungry and he was like..."NO YOU'RE NOT!" Then he went into a stack of mail on the counter took out this pic of some kid in Africa he was sponsering on one of those Feed the Children joints

and was like "HE'S HUNGRY!!!"...I looked at him confused as shit....Still Shit like that stuck with me tho. And though I don't agree with the situation which was probably spurned from annoyance more than anything else, I do appreciate the mentality...It has helped give me the ability to look and say "I don't have it that bad"...the ability to connect with complete strangers... Truly a very bizaarre blessing in a CGI...Industrial Lights and Magic...LucasFilms disguise.


  1. ha i always got that speech followed by...if you don't act right we're sending you back to cambodia.

  2. laughing @ asia's comment

    my dad called me at work one day, irritated as hell because my nephew kept telling him he was hungry like every other hour...mind you, my nephew is a growing boy so it was understandable but my dad yelled to him, while I was on the phone, "You aint hungry boy, shut on up!"

    Even though I laughed I told my dad how you gone tell somebody else they aint hungry. His reply? "He just ate an hour ago; people in Africa is hungry". My nephew called me an hour later, still hungry and mad because my dad wouldn't give him any food until a couple more hours passed LOL

    I understand your dad and my dad's point but how you gone tell someone else they aint hungry? That little kid up there is famished LOL (not laughing at the kid...more so at your dad and mine)