Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"What you eat don't make me sh*t"--Jay-z

I came up in the church...And one thing I never got was how another persons different religious path would cause so much distraction.

People straight up talk about boycotting folks when they find out their beliefs deviate from their own.

"Oh hell naw...dude say forgive us our 'sins' instead of 'trespasses' when saying the Lords Prayer! He must be an agent of the devil!!!"

People trip me out with that bullshit. Seriously I don't care what the hell you believe. What I think about is what you do. And that's all anybody should worry about if anything at all, because when it comes down to it what somebody else believes has nothing to do with you str8 up. That's why it's called a belief because it happens in your head. Now when muh sukkas start telling people what they should believe and shouldn't believe that's when you should worry. Fortunately for them, the people that tend to freak out also are typically the one that try this tactic.

Where did this blog come from you ask. I was on facebook and I saw someones status that said that "Christians should not watch Oprah"...I didn't know any reason why someone would make such a claim. So I Googled it and came across a video that to put it simply was all about fear mongering. The way it came off was very reminiscent of the Bush campaign...basically a lot of empty claims meant to stir people up.

Look here

And...What the hell does her beliefs have to do with her trying establish a Peace Alliance??? Or her involvement with Obama???


  1. Yeah, my child's grandmother (not my mom..."his" mom LOL) sent me something on Oprah and told me to be wary of listening to her because she isn't a Christian...ummm, ok. First off, I'm not one of those people who think Oprah is God any damn way and I don't religiously watch her show everyday or record it for that matter so the conversation was dumb to begin with. But the fact that I shouldn't listen to anything she has to say because she "isn't a Christian", that blew me wow, for real? Are you THAT much of an idiot? LOL

  2. Bullseye. I haven't seen a show in years and I'm positive since then the show hasn't transformed into the 700 club in that period of time. Chances are she'll be talking about the same stuff she has that has made her billions of dollars. Oprah has never been nor will ever be some kind of super being that can hypnotize minds into thinking what she thinks. And to think she you said...isn't too bright.

  3. I think she does have that "power" over some people but those kinds of people are easily led anyway; if it wasn't her, it would be somebody else...sheeple. LOL

  4. I'm Pretty Much In The Middle. Because While I Believe There Is A God And While Many People Believe Ohterwise, Overall, Oprah Has Always Had A Fanbase That Believes What She Says No Matter How Outrageous And False It Really Is. But The Fact That You Got 2 Million People Following This Trend [For Lack Of A Proper Term] You Gotta Believe That Whatever Is Being Said, No Matter How Ludicrous It Sounds, It's Gonna Make An Impact One Way Or Another...

  5. Oh Yeah, i Kinda Think Oprah Is The Anti-Christ. lol

  6. you know i could understand if she was talking about some heinous atrocity we should all commit...but seriously learning about how things are connected [thought, energy, life] is really not going to harm anyone.

    i haven't watched her show in ages but...whatever happened to analytically thinking for one's self.

    i've learned that whatever you seek you will in both positive and negative directions.