Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Ode to the Tongue Ring"

The tongue ring resonates setting off the Pavlovian effect in the hood...

You're making a fool of me
A tool

Hammers, barbells
Yeah now you have the power
But somehow I became weakened in the process

Got me sitting over here thinking of complex situations involving you and me
Got me lost in complacency

Tongue ring why are you so deafening?
You've got all my attention

Fronting on me
Telling me you're just for decoration

When from here...
I could swear your waving at me

Got me perplexed by your mixed signals
I'm lost in your wave
I'm out to (sea/see)

Can't help but to stare as you flare like Chicago fires in 1851
Eyes involuntarily following the glare

Must find equilibrium

You got me hung from the tip of your tongue
yet yelling out "Follow me!"
and my eyes are compliant

Tongue ring you've got me in a trance

--John C Jorif II©


  1. Hmmm . . . I always have the same though when I see people with tongue rings. But it's not attractive to me, more like a too short mini skirt. Needy.

  2. To me it depends who has it. I've known chicks that for the most part you wouldn't even know they have it. And then there are others that just broadcast it to the world.

  3. When I had mine, no one knew I had it...not even my employers. I didn't broadcast it because that isn't why I got it. Most people who feel everyone has it for a "specific" reason are usually being judgmental. I did it as part of my "personal liberation" when I turned 18. I was free to do as I pleased and it was legal, so I did it LOL nothing more, nothing less. And for people who think others get it for sexual purposes, truth be told, it doesn't make ANYONE give better head at all. If you gave crappy head before the tongue ring, you give crappy head with the tongue ring...simpletons LOL

  4. Yeah I can definitely attest for that last comment. I had been hearing from so-called "simpletons" for a grip about how much it enhanced the experience...When I finally got top from a chick that had one the experience was ordinary as hell....Very disappointing.