Monday, April 13, 2009

Why looking for a mate at the club typically doesn't work...

You gotta look at the bait that the different sexes put out...and the rule (generally) is you get what you put out....

Expensive looking ish - Chains, Notoriously expensive clothing, Expensive glasses (in the D that = Cartiers), Expensive cars.

Typical results : Hood-ratius Erectus...some gold digging skeezer skank skallywag. Great for one night stands and parading around your boys...but if you try to wife her chances are one of the following is in you future..
-She'll try to run your pockets
-Baby momma drama
-she'll just as easily be snatched up by the next dude with shiny things
-Being that she values dumb ish so highly usually means she isn't too by getting serious chances are you're dooming yourself to numerous idiotic scenarios.

Skin - breasts, ass, legs

Typical results : Chances are the more naked the girl is the more likely she falls into the chick that bites the bait above... but even if she's not... First they'll be sure to catch the attention of the worst of the worst first...Thugnegroidius-Maximus...basically the male equivalent of the chick above. Chances are you'll be...
-Cheated on...even the friends tend to be fair game
-extorted..."Go to work honey I'm gonna work on finding the rest of the hidden features in the new GTA. Don't forget to pick me up some Frosted Flakes while you're out."
-A run around (not always the case)...a lot of cats that do the club thing find it difficult to do the real relationship thing. "What? So you mean, I gotta stop getting numbers at the club??? Sheeeeiiii...".


  1. LOL.. I love this blog. A friend of mine is steadily at the club every weekend lookin for potential boyfriends and it never works. I think if both the girl and guy are at the club with the intention of finding a mate, it will NEVER work.
    DEADDD @ Thugnegroidius-Maximus