Tuesday, July 28, 2009

11 statements

1. Everybody wants to be openly acknowledged as attractive
2. Not even unattractive people want to be with unattractive people
3. It's funny how being acknowledge as attractive by someone you perceive as not attractive is rarely ever flattering.
4. Nobody seems to be satisfied with how they look
5. Even the people you and I perceive to be attractive have moments of uncertainty
6. It upsets me to see people I perceive to be attractive to down their looks. I find it almost insulting to my senses.
7. I still don't know where I fall in the spectrum of things. My fam clowned me hard growing up and girls played mean tricks and sent too many mixed signals for me to really get a feel for where I stand...such is life
8. I think that my experiences have left me semi-bitter toward ultra attractive people. Not enough to make me a hater, but it's there non-the-less. I'm working on myself though.
9. A product of that...or maybe not...you tell me...is the belief that the majority of ultra attractive people tend to be unintelligent and lacking in personality. I want to think otherwise...but I rarely see otherwise.
10. Also in my experience...women who tend to be ultra attractive tend to suck in bed. My guess is that they have come to think that the guy should be happy to be able to get it at all. So actually doing something other than laying on her back isn't necessary.
11. 9 and 10 could mean that I am more of a hater than I previously thought, or maybe not.


  1. its really annoying/fucked up when said uber attractive person uses you for "temporary affection" and then when their done they just don't understand why the person is upset....Bovine Manure

  2. I'm glad I'm just "cute" hahahhahaa

  3. Dang...I don't know, I think I'm somewhere in between, lol and I've learned (after dating really attractive people) that I better start downgrading...can't have too many pretty dudes stopping to look in the mirror when we pass by one...(pause)

  4. @NIKE I feel you homey...unfortunately, I've been that guy

  5. it's a crazy cycle....my friend once said she only feels comfortable talking to "ugly" guys???! I was sooo annoyed because to me it screamed that she felt she wasn't good enough...& i tell that chick she's beautiful all the time so like you; it's insulting to my senses!! lmbo...at the same time, as a chick, 'another chick's" opinion on your own beauty is not a priority at all!! lol...

    QUESTION: in magazines, i always see "guy pretty" vs. "girl pretty" (ex would be "Jennifer anistan for the women & Angelina jolie for the men") Do you think there's a "guy hot" vs. "girl hot"?? lol...well i know men RARELY admit when another dude is 'attractive' but still when someone is attractive, everyone knows it so what do you think?? lol

    you probably like 'chick' i am not having this conversation with you. period'?!! lmbo well

  6. lol..very interesting..i like your individuality. Check out my blog and follow ;-)

  7. @Shanedra:
    I haven't the slightest clue if there is a difference between a guys vision of beauty and a mans. I don't think there is. I think the reason chicks say Jenn is prettier than Ang is because they sympathize with her story...If that means that women judge beauty emotionally...then yes I think that there is a difference...otherwise I just think we're pretty much the same give or take our particuliar tastes.