Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Look up on the podium. It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's a politician!

Why do we expect our leaders to be (idealistically) saints (meaning perfect)?

I mean these people are human (FLAWED) just like everybody else. Is it just that many of us are too weak minded to just focus on a man or woman's acts or qualities of leadership? I swear it seems like every time someone is in a position of leadership big or small...that we ascribe superhuman qualities to them. And as soon as these qualities prove to not be real as far as that individual goes, all of a sudden the masses decry that they are not a good leader. I'm talking stuff that HAS NOTHING TO DO with his or her job.

Could you imagine if you had to deal with such scrutiny while doing your job?

This blog came from the revelation of why there are so many phony politicians in the world...and it's because people tend to care about shit that has nothing to do with the job at hand.


  1. I can cosign, I think some celebrities and all politicians are held to an unrealistic moral code and politicians get it the worst because they have a government job and by virtue are supposed to work for the people.

    it can be unrealistic but politicians are also aware of these social expectations before they take their job.

    in the mark sanford case for example, i took issue with him because he was a hypocrite. he had the nerve to profess gay marriage hurt the sanctity of marriage, yet he is in the midst of trying to fall back in love with his wife but yet his mistress is his soulmate....

    like really...what the hell do you know about the sanctity of marriage?

    when we begin to focus on the more important issues, whether that person is doing their job well or not, the accountability will change dramatically and remind politicians they indeed are working for the people, and not celebrities who on the contrary are well known but have no responsibility to us.

  2. we seem to put politicians under an umbrella of extremes.

  3. I started commenting on this at work earlier today and had to close my window so I lost that comment...

    yeah, about politicians...they are "expected" to behave a particular way based on what they brought to the table to get elected. if they came out gully as hell and was like "look, I'm not saint, I sin FAR MORE than you can imagine and you might catch me being human far more than you like but what I can give you is this (elaborate here)", people would have a TOTALLY different canvas to base their votes on.

    folks take their politicians VERY seriously so if they come out on some "I believe in Christian morals/standards" type ish and then get caught porking their assistant, that they BEEN porking for the last 15 years, well, too bad...should have came across more human instead of presenting that sparkly clean veneer.

    what politicians and anyone keeping up with them MUST understand is, they give up their anonymity the minute they run for anything; yes they are still human and will make mistakes but they have a VERY small window to do so when EVERYONE is watching isn't like you and I being looked at. no one cares if I get gang banged in a slaughter house....let that be one of the Obama daughters in about 5 would be breaking news BECAUSE of WHO THEY ARE.

    unfortunately, it's part of the different than a cop; can't be caught smoking weed cause YOU are the person who incarcerates people for breaking the law, now YOU'RE breaking the law? doesn't fly....