Tuesday, July 7, 2009

**cerebral shit**

I used to write poetry. Back when my art work wasn't cutting it for me. Back when I had no one to talk to and my art couldn't speak or listen the way I wanted it to. That's when I wrote my best shit...when I was dying inside. I think happiness can be detrimental to art sometimes.


  1. I definitely agree... it's sad that sometimes the best art comes out of tragedy and pain...

  2. we've just been conditioned to exploit our tragedies and pain. but i really enjoy reading the pieces that leave me with butterflies...the same as the day i wrote them.

    happiness [like it's opposite] has a lot of complexities. people just don't relate to happiness the same way as they relate to pain and sorrow. I guess that goes to show you how unhappy people are as a whole. But i will say there is beauty in everything...and i can appreciate that.

  3. you already know I relate to this shit right here fam....HEAVY.

  4. "Art is never finished, only abandoned." - Leonardo da Vinci

    you can find a a way to channel happiness into art...it is just a difficult task because happiness occupies so much of us

    i hear you though

  5. In some cases...yeah...I feel you... SOME of my best was written when I was angry....but some stuff was WEIRD as hell too!!!!