Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good for my ...uh uh uhhh.... ego

Every now and again I wish that I had a gang of comments on my blogs...but then I go to Kanye's blogs in which has umpteen followers and comments and then I realize that 80% of his commentors don't really ever have anything interesting or intelligent to say. Then I don't feel so bad.

Besides, when you do something for a reason other than it makes you happy it cheapens the activity somewhat...right?

Yeah...sure it does.


  1. ha! the only qualm i have with kanye's blog is that most of the women he shows on his ladies "where are you yeezy" are of the caucasian persuasion. Now i have nothing against white people [okay i lie maybe i do have a little thing against em--blame it on the exploitation and diseases]...but damn...

  2. ex-actly. all you need is a few good comments that mean something. p.s. i love the way your mind works

  3. Haha, I completely agree.

    And btw, I love your playlist. Amazing