Monday, July 6, 2009


Lately I've been checking out documentaries on one of my idols, Andy Warhol.

Dude had a pretty interesting life.

I learned that one thing that separates great artists from icons is their ability to draw attention to themselves...and a lot of the time...the attention isn't drawn in from the artwork. You have to become a mystery to people. People are fascinated by what they don't understand. Doing so is also dangerous, because people also FEAR what they do not understand. So when garnering attention you not only shine a light on yourself, you also put a target on your back. It's an artform within itself.

**Props to successful "attention whores" everywhere. EXTRA KUDOS if you've managed to turn it into a career.

Another thing that made Andy Warhol great was his ability to sell his work. He wasn't a marketing genius so to speak, but he surrounded himself with them and stayed on their case.

One thing that I had to laugh about was how people spoke of him. Sure enough Andy laid the groundwork for the pop movement, he represented hard for graphic designers ( a quality which I peeped but people rarely mention), and lived an eventful life..but GOT DAYUM... you'd swear dude was a god the way people spoke of him...Maybe I'm hating...In fact I'm pretty sure that's the case...but ummm...yeah.


  1. Laughing at you hating on your idol :)

    Andy Warhol was VERY eccentric but very interesting all the same.

  2. your way of explaining, made me think of Michael the beginning, he thought it was funny & even egged it on a little; and like everyone tends to think, at first, extra attention seems flattering...after a while that target shows up and all the extra attention becomes fatal :(