Thursday, July 16, 2009

You talking that garbage

I've recently started to loathe the chore of taking out the garbage. Why now after all these years of doing so with no problem? Well now where I live currently,I have to walk 100 yards to the nearest dumpster to drop it off. And this walk has become a daily occurence.

I know I'm wack as hell for complaining. Especially since there are small villages around the world that have to walk miles just for water and other amenities. Yeah I'm on some bullshit...but I'm working on myself.

Anywho... On the way to the dumpster it occured to me that my household in which is made up of 2 people produces about 1 to 2 full bags of garbage a day. Lets say I'm responsible for 1 bag of garbage a day. Which honestly is pretty much a fact. How much garbage am I responsible for in a year. Say I produce 365 bags a year (which I'm sure is a gross reduction, after thinking about family events, parties, cleaning the house...and I won't even get into OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE GARBAGE) In ten years time I could probably more than fill my own dump! In a lifetime I could probably fill my own landfill!

Think about that shit. All that shit we add to the clutter/downfall of the planet.

Now think about how we as individuals do to improve its welfare.

I dunno about ya'll but I need to figure something out because my shit ain't balancing's not even close.

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  1. i'm trying to think of this proverb but i can't remember it word for word but it goes something like "this world isn't what was left to us by our parents but what was loaned to us by our children"

    i think that sums it up.