Sunday, July 19, 2009

Could've been a tweet..but eff it

Ladies and gentleman,
We MUST learn to differentiate between individual characteristics and stuff that most men or women do.


  1. Can't say I know what you mean...

    Isn't it still an individual characteristic no matter how many people do it?

    Could've been a tweet, should've been a blog ;)

  2. Good that it's a blog.

    I think that would just make it everyone elses' characteristic, that an individual just adopted or conformed to which is neither original nor dope at all...

  3. I was thinking more in terms of our relationships...How we tend to get unnecessarily mad or frustrated over things that chances are your gonna have to deal with in any relationship...and also how some of us give our mates a pass because we assume that it's something all men or women do.

  4. Even more interesting...i'm more of an annoyed human rather than one who actually gets mad over things because I do recognize 'such is life' and some things are just going to piss me off about all relationships...the giving passes thing rarely occurs 'round these parts...I kind of find that is an immature flaw of mine, the whole (1 and done concept). One mistake shouldn't create ending especially when I'm given hella passes just out of someone's love for me.

    ...good topic ;)