Sunday, May 3, 2009


There isn't anybody more hype about this than I am. My fellow hip hop heads feel me...CUBAN LINKS II may finally see the light of day!!! WOO HOOO!!! Throw ya dubyas up in the sky!!!

Anywho...Rae just dropped a video for a joint called "New Wu"...Not exactly the most creative title but since Wu is basically a brand like saying the new Jays are out...or new Eshani pumps for the ladies (if you don't know about that yourself a favor and Google it)...Quality material.

Once again my original fave from the clan, Method drops a crazy hook and a crazy verse...proving once again that some ill producer just needs to kidnap his ass pick all his beats for him and then make him rap over them for his next album. It doesn't make sense for dude to keep droppin "aight at best" joints with fire like that.

Here is the vid.

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