Monday, June 15, 2009

Is Obama f*ckin up???

He's addressed on the last "New Rule"

Yes I know he's only been in there 6 months...but if what Bill says is true, and his bill is calling for a 4% emission reduction and we need 40% then we got hoodwinked by one more president who talked a good game but in the end that shit ended up being the game of "Sorry" as in my bad maybe next time. The only problem is, we can't afford to fuck around with the planet. I'm a big Obama supporter, but the main reason I got on board was he was supposed to be the anti-politician...or at least anti the old bullshit. I haven't given up hope, but like Bill I sure wish he was as gangsta as Bush when it came to getting his shit through (I know...still early....but still)


  1. i think his agenda is going to pick up momentum, hopefully it will be for the better. he is getting more and more comfortable and still has a good approval rating so now would be a good time to start taking those bigger steps. i agree that is an early call to make and time really will tell. he is most likely running for re-election, so he must be aware some significant strides need to be made within a four year span that he can expand on in the second term

  2. There have been some things that Obama has been a participant in, politically, that has made my ears perk t so much in a good way either. I just ALWAYS keep in mind, even though him being the president is a HUGE LEAP for Americans, he still has the same job all 40+ presidents before him had. That NEVER changed. Including he came in after 8 years of America being cornhulioed with no vaseline. I'm more eager to see his accomplishments after 4 years...and then I won't even be too hard on him because he walked into 8 years of faulty governing. If he can fix that in 4 years, he deserves a million lifetime achievement awards LOL