Monday, June 1, 2009

More from the toy chest...

After finishing the design of how I wanted the character to look I realized that the way I had his feet situated would have messed his feet up during the cutting process. So redrew his feet this time facing straight forward. The details of the shoe haven't changed any. I just didn't feel it was necessary at this time to draw the details, when the sketch's sole purpose is to be a guide for the power saw to cut around.

This is the side view

This is the aerial view.

I just started cutting today. I don't have my camera with me to show you guys how it looks right now. There is still a lot of work to do though. One thing that slowed me up is...well see...first off I'm sculpting the figurine out of sheets of foam (about 3" thick) glued together. I glued them last Friday thinking they'd be dry by today...WRONG...While I was cutting the two sheets in the middle came apart. My teacher said I probably could just press them together and still cut like that...but I was already nervous about the saw as it is without having to do some crazy sh*t. So I decided to just let it dry another night. Hopefully it'll be ready tomorrow.

So far I've already used the side cutting guide. So the profile is there. I got about 15-20% into the frontal view before it split on me. I'll take a picture of it before I continue cutting.

Stay Tuned