Thursday, June 18, 2009

Okay so I have a slight bias

As long as I can remember thick chicks have always shown me love...even when I was too young to know what's so great about a big booty and or thick thighs...even when I didn't show love back...even when I wasn't so sure if I loved myself.

This blog is for those chicks that start a one woman parade every time they find a pair of jeans that can hold her curves..."properly".

Much love.


  1. :(
    *walks back out slamming the door*

    guess I'll wait for the spongebob squarepants post appreciation

  2. thank you! love you skinny negros too! LOL

  3. lol@ kingsmomma

    i cheese so hard when i find jeans that fit my body well!

    nice to know someone appreciates!!! good lookin out, lol :)