Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Train of though>>>

I was on Facebook and I saw one of the new quizzes was themed around The Chappelle Show.>> One of my friends got Tron as the person they are most>>>I loved that show>>>Since it (along with the Boondocks) are off the air their is a void in television that needs to be filled. We need our perspective.>>> It's a shame that inn 2009 we still don't have even a handful of programs on the air at the same time that represents us in a positive fashion.>>>Recently Spike Lee has come foward calling out Tyler Perry for perpetrating baffoonery in his television programs. Truth is I've been saying that shit about him ever since I saw his first play, Diary of Mad Black Woman on video. Dude is smart though, he covers his tracks in religion. If it weren't for him having his characters shout out Jesus 10 second after shucking and jiving he'd probably be found out by now.>>>I hate when in discussions about sellouts that some muhsukkas try to drop Chappelle's name on the sly tip...When in reality not only was his show about pointing out those types of activities in the world but...shit...the muh sukka is obviously the poster child FOR NOT SELLING OUT!...He walked away from 50 mill because he didn't like the POSSIBILTY that people might try to get him to sell out...That's some shit. Sadly, I know for a fact that more of my people than I'm willing to admit not only would've took that money but probably would be breaking new ground in shucking in jiving right now...I'm talking cooning on mars type shit...smh.


  1. It's A Shame Jay, Modern Minstrels, B.

  2. this is a pretty on point assessment esp about religion as a cover up...that always pissed me off

    and i took that quiz and got 'Prince' as my result, lol

    btw i have an article to send you about slum dog millionaire..i think you wrote a post on this recently referring to its treatment of the movie's actors

  3. Good look...hook me up with the link


    your thoughts?

  5. That's rough all over.
    -It's pretty evident that the kids got screwed. It's been reported that the film only took 15 million to make. Which is practically nothing nowadays. The film makers probably thought that they cut some corners with payment and add some authenticity to the film at the same time by hiring real children from the slums. They were right. It's sad though that they've reportedly made close to 200 million bucks world-wide and they can't even get a decent house. Somebody needs to get those kids a good lawyer.