Friday, June 12, 2009

Put simply..."women be bullshittin"

I remember a long while back when all the chicks were going crazy over Allen Iverson, a friend of mine made a statement that went something like...

Maaaaaaaan... There's like a thousand niggas in the hood that look exactly like Allen Iverson and don't get a quarter of the play that he does... I guess that's the difference between men and women... A man can see a beautiful woman working at the gas station and STILL want to holla. A man can be watching a movie and want to holla at a movie extra. You gotta be a star to get a woman's attention.


  1. no, that's if you're a moneygrubbin biotch that dollar signs have to be attached to you for you to pay any "regular dude" some attention

    DEFINITELY not me, good sir!

    if you're attractive to me, I'll give you a shot whether you're bank is loaded or you pull up to me on a if I find out you're a loser azz negro, money or not, I'm not putting up with you

  2. ^^^Synitta is one of the exceptions to the typical rule. Matter of fact, me and you might know ALL of the exceptions to the rule...SMH

  3. Yeah I gotta agree with Syn. You described gold-digging women. I'm not like that either.

  4. oNe mAn gAng knows what he speaks...."Where are you Yeezy???" LOL

  5. Yeah I thought about putting a footnote in here...that I realize that the statement doesn't encompass "all" women. But where would the fun be in that? Also, I dunno if I could mark it all up to them being simply money grubbers...because some chicks just have a groupie mentality. Once a man visually becomes a person of importance that's when they start to see the beauty in that dude.